Referring clients and patients in our busy clinic

Salus Wellness is by far the clinic with the largest team of practitioners in Cambridge, probably in the whole of East Anglia.  Ranging from Swedish massage to various specialised treatments for pain and trauma, we also offer a broad range of mental health therapies from counselling to psychiatry.  On a daily basis we have members of the public who walk into our reception, give us a ring or fill up an online form and they are asking us to provide a solution to their health issue which can be physical, psychological or emotional.

We are here to help and our first priority is to ensure duty of care and confidentiality for our clients.  We first try to understand the issue they are describing in order to have a high level of confidence about the help we can provide.  For that reason we might ask a few questions and clarify the enquiry.

The next step is to identify a suitable practitioner, among our team, who:

  • Is qualified to address the issue
  • Has experience from having treated similar issues in the past
  • Has capacity within his/her timetable to accept a new client within a the time expected

Once the three necessary conditions mentioned above are satisfied, and just in that case, we are connecting the potential client with the suitable practitioner.   From that point onward we can assume the client being in good hands and we would just assess how things have moved on, always respecting total confidentiality.

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