Corporate Social Responsibilities

We are very small company and realise the small impact our CSR might have on the whole world but we try to excel in what we do and being nice for the world and our clients and all people working with us:

Energy and wastage

  • We have a systematic use of energy saving lights, particularly LED when available.
  • We keep the heating at the minimum required temperature for rooms and switch it off when we are aware of a room not being used for extensive periods of time (e.g. holidays, weekends).
  • We switch off all machinery and lights when not used.
  • Having our brochures and other company documentation printed on recycled paper.
  • Trying to print the absolute minimum necessary.
  • Reusing printed paper for temporary notes.


  • We recycle all waste and rubbish which is reasonable to do so.
  • We collect and deliver directly to a qualified recycling centre all items which can have a second life.