Our work with students

Massimo GaetaniHaving any kind of consumer business in Cambridge and ignoring students is a mistake that nobody can afford to make.  With a student population estimated at around 30,000 individuals, which represents about 1 in every 4 people in our City, students are indeed a very important component of our clientele.

When we mention students we should consider those from the universities (University of Cambridge has 20,000 of them), language schools and various other academic organisations.The students we consider our potential and existing clients are both male and female aged from their late teens to early twenties, and usually budget aware.

They are not perhaps those who indulge in a pampering massage at the end of a busy working week like many professionals we regularly see at our clinic but they do use Salus Wellness and other local health centres for more clinical work, when it could be an alternative to traditional medicine, offered by the NHS.

Our clinic has been working with students since our opening back in 2010 and most of our work is in two main areas:

Sports, remedial and rehabilitation

Many of the students we see are in great health; however many of them play sports and sometimes they get hurt.  Our practitioners treat on a regular basis students with strained muscles, some dislocated joints and the odd back ache. Our team of sports therapists, pain management therapists, chiropractor and physio are always available to treat and advise young clients to help them improve their health, physical and sports performance.

Mental health,coping with stress and anxiety

Anxiety from exams and stress from too much work is very common and many academic bodies are coping with an increasing demand by adding more counselling services to their staff; sometimes this is not enough and students seek help elsewhere, not infrequently for confidentiality reasons. University work can be very demanding, beyond initial expectations.  Learning and living in a different country where locals speak a different language from yours can cause unplanned strain on unprepared minds. Our team of counsellors and psychologists have many years of experience in dealing with common conditions which affect students from all walks of life.

As we all have been students before and in line with many businesses in town we offer students discounts to make our services a bit more affordable for those who might indeed be budget sensitive. So if you are or know a student who would feel better physically and mentally please point them in our direction.


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