Another step toward success

Salus Wellness Clinics, a Complementary Health Centre recently opened in Cambridge  run last week the second business workshop for their therapists.

Covering a number of key topics revolving around on line and traditional marketing this 2 hours workshop was run by:

  • Luca Senatore, Sales Director of Salus Wellness and successful Sales Trainer and mind coach
  • Massimo Gaetani, Marketing Director for Salus Wellness and successful Business and Executive Coach.

Welcoming a total of 10 delagates the presentations were then developed with a strong component of interactivity involving each participant and giving them the opportunity of explaining and discussing their particular issues and getting effective help from both the coaches and the other delegates.

Massimo’s presentation was about

  • How to create a successful online marketing campaign
  • PR on-line – The marketing that costs you nothing
  • Your on-line business card
  • How to use social media

Luca’s presentation was about:

  • How to get new clients weekly
  • How to get free advertisement
  • How to get adverts 20% off
  • Free marketing that works

Salus Wellness offers, on top of great facilities and state of art equipment, a fully inclusive package of business mentoring and coaching to allow all practitioners to thrive.   In fact, after only a few weeks form the opening, Salus is creating the Win-Win-Win situation

mentioned before the opening.

Salus Wellness is  therefore inviting all practitioners interested in exploring a new opportunity to work in a very dynamic and inspiring environment, together with real hands on help that allow you to grow your business.

For more information please contact:

Luca Senatore – 07869 109 337

Massimo Gaetani – 07879 610 111

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