Marketing On Line Your Business

Our aim at Salus Wellness is to create WIN-WIN-WIN situations by

  1. Ensuring that all practitioners working with us are, like you, qualified and passionate
  2. Helping you to help your clients by providing you with a professional and equipped centre as well as offering you marketing and business coaching to get more clients
  3. Help members of the public by offering a reliable, professional and newly decorated complementary health centre in the heart of Cambridge

We have been and still are very active in our online Marketing and we would like to invite you to help us to help you.  On line Marketing is both important to grow a business in its infancy as well as maintaining a respectable image of yourself and your profession once established.

What we are asking you to do is going to take a few tens of minutes of your time initially and then as little as 5-15 minutes per week; we are confident that this will have a great return on your investment.  Some of the instructions below may be irrelevant for you because you have already done what we are asking you to do; in other cases we may mention social network tools you may have decided to exclude from your marketing mix; apologies if that’s the case but please feel free to ask more information when in doubt.

Please try to follow these instructions literally and accurately and get in touch if you have problems.

  1. Subscribe to the Salus Wellness website; that way you will receive by Email all posts we publish.  To do that please go on the blog section on the site and enter your Email in the box which can be found at the top left hand side or by following this link, then follow the instructions  which you will receive via Email.  We post essential information and important offers or articles about complementary health and we would like you to be both part and aware of them.
  2. Have your say; leave relevant comments on our blog posts and always leave a link to your website or blog.  This will link our site to yours and help you to generate extra traffic; as you might be aware Google will increase your ranking when your site has several links from relevant sites.
  3. Write your own blog posts; whether you post them on your blog and let us know or send us articles to posts, we would be happy to publish them for you on our site and obviously, we will recognise your copyright and, again, help your exposure to the general public as an expert in your field.  The advantage of publishing many different articles about a range of complementary therapies is to grow our online authority and help us being served well by search engines.
  4. Check and ensure that the details we publish about you are accurate and relevant; if you would like extra links toward your website / blog, we are happy to provide them as long as they are relevant.
  5. Join LinkedIn and our linked in group; then feel free to start or interact in relevant discussions about complementary health practice.
  6. Ask to connect on LinkedIn with all other members of Salus Wellness
  7. Follow us @saluswellness on Twitter: keep an eye (ideally you should have a column open for saluswellness on Tweetdeck or hootsuite) and make sure to re-tweet our tweets.  We’ll do the same for you.
  8. Go to our page on Facebook:  and ‘Like’ it; invite all of your friends to ”Like it” and keep an eye on it.  When you see posts, simply “like” them, comment them or share them.
  9. Go on the Salus Wellness Google+ page and folow it; share it with people in your circles.

As mentioned, some of the above will require a one-off effort, other parts may require a small regular investment of 5-15 minutes per week.  Some of the above can be applied and are very relevant between practitioners (e.g. you can leave comments on other practitioner’s blogs, retweet their tweets, share page entries and so on).