Comfort Eating

The key to resolving the issue of “Comfort Eating” is not to deal with negative emotions but to eliminate the negative emotions in the first place and generate alternative healthier behaviours to deal with life’s challenges.

The way Comfort Eating works is that when you feel that negative emotion, the sensory overload of eating such as smell, taste, the act of chewing and swallowing move the focus of our unconscious mind from the emotions; so we feel good at first. Then we begin to feel the guilt, the sense of failure, the lack of confidence for having let ourselves down and this causes us to feel that negative emotion much more than we did at the beginning. Eliminating insecurities and restoring or improving confidence is easily achievable with our experienced and skilled professionals.

Imagine what it would be like to be totally in control of your emotions, of your habits and consequently of your eating.

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