Our Code of Ethics

Our main mission at Salus Wellness is to provide the best possible and suitable treatment for any client enquiring about any issue they are experiencing, be it physical or psychological.  We do that by:

  • Working with practitioners who are:
    • highly qualified
    • experienced
    • referenced
    • insured
    • associated to a recognised governing body
    • up to date with their respective CPD
  • Assessing each enquiry by clarifying the nature of the issue as reported by the client, establishing its possible source or origin and suggesting what we estimate being the possible treatment or treatments which we can provide and who is the most suitable practitioner to deliver the treatment, given the client’s preferences and eventual time constraints, sometimes dictated by pain or sense of urgency.
  • Being conservative in our approach to the point where we prefer stating we have no solution for a certain issue rather than suggesting a suboptimal one.
  • Fostering the development of one-to-one relationship between the client enquiring for the first time and the practitioner we are connecting them to. We expect each enquiry to become a new client for the practitioners who will treat it as their  own client until such time that the client  might return to us enquiring about  a new treatment  thereby starting the process from the beginning.
  • Under-promising and over-delivering on treatments, expected response time and possible outcome of each treatment.

We also expect all of our practitioners and members of staff to work with the client’s expectations in mind  to build a long term relationship  based on trust, confidentiality and empathy by:

  • Being on time for all appointments, to be started and completed as scheduled.
  • Being honest, straightforward and direct about setting expectations about the possible outcomes for each treatment offered.
  • Ensuring the safety of clients at all times.