Habits and Addictions

If one or more addictions or undesired habits are ruling your life and you are consciously ready to make a change then here at Salus Wellness we have a team of professionals who can help you make a permanent change and no longer engage in those behaviours.

Holistic and alternative therapies have proven very effective in making rapid and lasting changes so that you can start living the life you know you deserve. A life free from addictions, free from undesired habits and a life which allows you to reach your full potential.

We aim to ensure you will be able to keep the healthy part of the activity and let go of the part which has now “grown out of your control”. The aim is not to completely erase the desire to be doing something which in moderation is good such as TV, food or a glass of wine; best results can be obtained by reprogramming your unconscious mind to desire certain activities only to a healthy level.

We can help with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling, nicotine addiction, nail biting, hair pulling, thumb sucking and other types of undesired behaviours.

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