What is your New Year’s resolution for 2017?

Happy new year to everyone; our 2017 in business started yesterday and I decided to begin my new year in business by committing to an increased level of content production for Salus Wellness as well as for my other businesses and blogs.  This is the second post I am writing.

Many people will be starting 2017 with some kind of New Year’s resolution and a significant percentage of them involve:

  • Health: e.g. stop smoking, better diet, more exercise
  • Wealth: e.g. improve business, increase income, save for a house
  • Lifestyle: have more spare time, socialise more, improve personal relationships

Unfortunately many New Years’ resolution will not go passed mid-January. In some cases because people set expectations too high for their current situation; other times they don’t put in place the right mechanisms to ensure a minimum level of success which might drive further results.  I would like to offer a few tips which could be useful for most.

Increase the amount of physical activity you do

Most people accept their ageing progress by reducing, instead of increasing, the amount of physical activity they do.  While nobody should attempt to become a marathon runner if they never managed to run more than a mile there are always possibilities of increasing the amount of physical activity you do.  Walking for example is totally underrated and can offer great workout without many risks associated to more demanding physical activities.  I started walking 4-6 Km a few times per week and I do that in evenings I would usually watch TV. All physical activities should be planned as part of a regular weekly routine and best if logged in order to track progresses.  Increasing physical activity will improve a number of wellbeing factors and help losing a few inches and pounds from our waist line.

Keep an eye on what you eat

It’s no point starting an ambitious diet which you will not be able to keep for more than a week; small changes, reductions and adjustments in what and how much you eat can bring great results if maintained for a long time.  You can find out useful information on Internet from respectable sites and blogs or, ideally, by talking to a dietitian who can assess your current situation and help you with a plan which will brings results.  A better diet, combined with increased exercise will start a process which will substantially increase your vitality, energy levels and wellbeing.

Have a pain free life

Life is too short to live with constant pain.  Pain exists to inform you that something is not right with your body.  While a few people might be affected by chronic pain many others are simply accepting to live with it, without ever knowing why pain is there in the first place.  It’s essential to investigate why you are experiencing pain and identify how it can be reduced or removed.  Many of our practitioners at Salus Wellness are specialised in identify and treat some of the causes of physical pain due to trauma, fatigue, posture, bad habits or improper use of muscles and joints.  You should put in your diary a date about investigating how you can remove that pain and make sure it happens.

Have a more fulfilled life

Modern lifestyle often causes increased levels of stress and pressure which some people cannot cope with.  Depression is considered one of the worst diseases in the western world and it is causing lots of unhappiness. At the same time NHS struggles with the increased demand of mental health issues which a growing percentage of the population is manifesting.  Once more at Salus Wellness we have a large team of mental health practitioners ranging from hypnotherapist and coaches to counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.  If in doubt about how mental health issues may prevent you from having a more fulfilled lifestyle you should contact us and have a confidential conversation about how you feel and we can suggest a few courses of action which might help to move toward a more fulfilled life.

How to put it all together

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  You don’t have to do all the above at the same time but you can pick and mix what works for you.  If just the idea of putting together a plan is a daunting or perhaps it can add extra stress or confusion to your already extra busy life perhaps it worth speaking to a coach; some of the work I do as a coach is about helping people to:

  • Explore their current situation
  • Define importance and priorities about what needs to be done
  • Define a plan that can be achieved while being challenging
  • Keep you accountable toward the plan and the goals you have defined

Working with a coach will increase dramatically your chances of succeeding, which will help you to set more ambitious goals once the current ones have been achieved.

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