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BookNowHomeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine developed in the early 1800’s. Homeopathy means “similar suffering”: What produces symptoms in a healthy person cures the same illness in a sick person. Unlike allopathy, homeopathy recognises that each person is unique; for example, one person’s arthritis will be different from another’s. Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.

What can Homeopathy do for you?

iStock_000006979322XSmallHomeopathy is chosen by a growing number of people to improve health, help relieve symptoms and address the underlying cause of disease without the concern of the side effects associated with taking prescribed drugs.  Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like”, that is, a substance which would cause symptoms in a healthy person would cure those same symptoms in a patient who is experiencing them. It can also offer complementary support for those already taking conventional medication.

Here are a few of the conditions homeopathy can help you with:


Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources.  They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body.  There is no danger of addiction or toxicity.  Because they are safe they can be used for treating pregnant women, babies, children and adults of all ages.

How can I make a booking?

Call Salus Wellness now for a free initial consultation, 01223 300 222.

Where is your Cambridge Homeopathy Clinic?

The clinic is based within Salus Wellness at 47 Norfolk Street, about 5 minutes walk from the Grafton centre.