Ten ways to chase those winter blues away

Naomi-DavidsonAccording to experts Monday 19th January 2015, referred to as “Blue Monday” was the most depressing day of the year.

Apparently down to weather conditions (that’s January for you), the post Christmas/holiday blues (Didn’t it go quickly?), Mondays in general and of course the dreaded “D” word in the form of credit card bills catching up on us after the fun and frolics of the festive season.

I have to say, for me I’m glad that January is almost over. I am at heart a sun worshipper and not particularly fond of the recent biting winds and the damp conditions that seeps right through to the bones. The chill factor makes your muscles tense and makes it feel like spring is a long way away.

Several of my clients have mentioned that they find January a difficult month. They say they feel generally run down with lingering coughs and colds and feel completely de-motivated as a result. So much so in fact that they are desperately in need of a boost and pick-me up.

Their words got me thinking how to beat the January blues and here are my top 10 bright ideas (check out the special offers, at the bottom of the page, which will cheer you up, too):

  • Book your next holiday giving you something to look forward too
  • Write a gratitude list which is a really useful tool to enable you to gain perspective in your life
  • Put on your favourite piece of music and SING and DANCE along to it. It is great therapy!
  • Take up a new hobby that makes your heart jump for joy
  • Watch your favourite comedy and laugh with all your might
  • Meet up with friends and do something fun … a great way to reduce stress levels.
  • Live in the moment and savour each and every experience in the now
  • Exercise or take up yoga classes…get those cheerful endorphins flowing
  • Have a series of regular massages which is great for boosting the immune system and clearing the toxins from the Christmas over indulgence. It is great for relaxing the muscles at the same time as being a pamper treat to chase away the winter blues leaving you feeling re-energised
  • Use the energy from your massage to set some exciting goals for the coming year and really make 2015 count.

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