Maintenance is bliss!

Whilst doing my housework this morning I had a fleeting thought of how my regular effort at maintaining the house keeps it nice and clean and also prevents build up of tough grime, rot setting in and infestation, which can take a lot of hard work to bring the surfaces back to clean or decent condition.  However, so many people I know are happy to quite literally brush things under the carpet, or leave the dust building behind furniture and say “Ignorance is bliss”.  I like to use this as a metaphor for ourselves and our issues.

I work with so many people who have swept things under the carpet for so many years that they now suffer from stress, anxiety which often then lead to stomach ulcers and heart attacks or obesity if you are a comfort eater to just name a few.   They try and appear “fine” on the surface where underneath they experience a constant discomfort and disease!  So this brings me neatly (excuse the pun) to the title of this blog, why not adopt the belief that “Maintenance is bliss”.  Why not be constantly working on yourself to help clean out all those things you don’t need any more to stop the rot setting in!  If you need help with that, just contact me I have all the tools!

Safety in Tears

Yes you read the title correctly.  What does that mean? well here is my experience and that of many others that have shared with me…we (as a population) tend to hold on to sadness/discomforts in situations as we feel safer doing so than to go to a more comfortable space…we hang on to the worst case scenario, the worst prognosis or even create fears now based around possibilities that could or might happen in the future.  So why? One of the main reasons is because we are taught to so we believe it is the safe way to travel, and we buy it.

There is nothing wrong with doing any of those things however it like most things in life has consequences… stress, anxiety, depression, and the physical manifestations e.g. high blood pressure, heart attacks and science is even now finding strong links with cancer!  SO here is a suggestion if you want something different try something different. Trust you being comfortable in that moment is going to serve you…more comfortable people experience clarity and are more productive, better relationships and lower risk of disease.  Give it a go what is the worst that can happen? 😉

Homeopathy and Bach Flowers for Hayfever

According to the British Allergy Foundation, approximately one in four of the UK population will suffer from an allergy, such as hayfever.

At this time of year, people come to see a practitioner with symptoms of hayfever, such as sneezing, runny noise, sore, itchy eyes, itching in the ears and back of the throat.

Symptoms vary for each individual which is why different remedies are used for each patient.  Constitutional treatment is best used to stop symptoms returning, however, during an acute crisis, an acute prescription can be given.  Once the acute crisis is over, it is advisable to go for constitutional treatment which will take into account the imbalance shown by the immune system.

Acute homeopathic remedies used for hayfever can include:

Allium Cepa – this can be given when the nose and eyes are streaming and there is severe and frequent sneezing.  Often symptoms are worse in the morning, indoors and when in contact with flower pollen.

Arsenicum Album – when there is tickling of the nose in one spot “as from a feather”, there is acrid, watery dripping from the nose which is totally obstructed and there are burning pains in the nose, eyes and throat.    Sores can develop inside the nostrils.  They person can feel better in a warm room.

Euprasia– can be given for very watery eyes when you feel that there is something in your eyes and you want to constantly rub them.  The eyelids can be swollen and there can be a discharge from them causing them to gum up.  A soothing eye wash can be used by diluting one drop of Euphrasia  tincture in an eye bath with sterile water and bathing the eyes.

Sabadilla– for persistant sneezing and constant itching and tingling inside the nose.  The nose can feel stuffed up and there can be transparent mucus.  The eyes can water from sunlight, in the open air and while sneezing.  They can be worse in the open air and from pollens, expecially from flowers.

Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies can help you deal with the emotional symptoms associated with hayfever.  There are 38 flower remedies, however, the most common ones used in the treatment of hayfever are Beech and Holly.  Beech is given when you experience emotional and physical intolerance caused by the symptoms of hayfever and this can be combined with Holly if you are experiencing fits of sneezing and feeling irritated, angry and resentful.

Other options

Other options include eating honey made locally which has sometimes been helpful to patients, although it should be used with caution due to occasional severe allergic reactions, taking flax seed oil, stinging nettle capsules, Quercitin, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.  If you wish to find out more about these options, you may consider consulting a naturopath.

Contact me if you would like further details or a consultation.

Don’t let the misery of hay fever affect your quality of life.

This guidance is not recommended as a substitute for advice from a qualified and registered homeopath but a reference to help in the treatment of hay fever. If any symptoms persist you should consult your doctor.  Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine but it’s important that both your homeopath and doctor are aware of any drugs and remedies you are currently taking.