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3 reasons why a Rossiter System Workout helps you to get out of pain quickly and effectively

ElkeHauslerThe Rossiter System is all about addressing the root cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. The root cause is usually found in the connective tissue.

What is connective tissue? Simply put, it’s the stretchy and broad fascial coverings which connect each part of the body to other parts – hence it’s called the “connective tissue”. It surrounds every muscle, ligament, tendon, organ, gives the body its shape and holds it together.

If the connective tissue becomes overworked, injured or stressed, it shortens and thickens. This may cause you pain or stiffness and even reduce your range of motion considerably.

The Rossiter System workout consists of powerful 2-Person-Stretching-techniques to quickly and successfully stretch and release the connective tissues, particularly helpful for people suffering from:

  • Sciatic, Lower Back or Hip pain
  • Knee painShoulder or Rotator cuff pain
  • Headaches or neck pain
  • Tight calves or hamstrings
  • Golfer’s or Tennis elbow
  • Arm, wrist or hand pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

Three Reasons why the Rossiter System works quickly and effectively:

  1. Rossiter System workouts address the root cause of pain, the connective tissue. The aim of the workout is to re-create the space – the internal space – the body lost over time either through injury, overuse or bad posture. The body needs this space though to move and work without limitations. Once the lost space is re-gained, the pain just fades away and mobility is restored. In most cases pain is alleviated considerably in the first session.
  2. A Rossiter System workout is called a workout for a reason: It is rather hard work and may be reasonably uncomfortable to do, but good results are almost guaranteed. My clients don’t mind going through a bit of discomfort during a session to actually get rid of their every-day pain or restrictions. The client needs to be able to go down onto the floor (yoga mat) and back up again on his/her own to qualify for a session.
  3. Rossiter System workouts require the client to take responsibility. This means, they need to be prepared to work hard to get the reward – lose the pain and/or get their mobility back. You, the client, are the person in charge (PIC). I am your Rossiter coach, i.e. I encourage you to work hard. I use my foot on a body part – you remain fully dressed – and then I talk you through the actions and stretches you are going through. You are in control: The harder you work, the better and quicker the result! You can only cheat yourself! With the weight and the warmth of my foot, the connective tissue is anchored in place for the stretch – your part of work – to happen more effectively. I can promise you this: You will be stretched like you probably have never been stretched before. And you will feel the difference straight away!

During the whole months of May and June 2013 this amazing technique can be experienced at a promotional price when you mention this article. What have you got to lose except your pain?

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