Seated massage treatments for the Forward Institute

12932677_10153523097437864_7880066428714769705_nAre you looking for a way to say thank you to your employees for their hard work? Are you organising an event and you’d like to show appreciation to your delegates with a little pampering to help them de-stress and to alleviate pain caused by their commute to your event? Well, please do read on…

Salus Wellness Clinics were recently contacted by the Forward Institute enquiring into the provision of seated massages at an event they were organising in Cambridge.

Myself and Jenny Hunt attended the event on Monday 4 April and had a great evening providing 15 minute seated massages to the delegates. The organisers and delegates were very warm and welcoming making the evening a great experience for all concerned.

Whilst carrying out these massages, it was interesting how appreciative the participants of the 15 minute massage sessions were that this treat had been arranged for them. Not only that, but they commented on how much better they felt both physically and emotionally after the treatment.

It only takes 15 minutes to enable someone to not only feel relaxed, chilled and less physically tense but also most importantly to feel valued and appreciated.

The delegates had come from all over the UK and were in demanding, stressful high ranking jobs requiring a lot of international travel as well as driving, sitting at their desks for prolonged periods of time etc. Some also were either preparing for the London Marathon or had just completed another gruelling sporting challenge. So, they were all looking forward to their treatments for a plethora of reasons.

One of the questions I was asked was “Did I do this regularly for other companies?” My response was yes but to the best of our knowledge for many employers it still is not considered high on their list of priorities.


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