Salus Wellness offering Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests

Lorisian-approved-logoWe are very pleased to announce that starting from this month Salus Wellness are offering the complete range of Food Intolerance Tests from Lorisian.

Food intolerance tests are the quickest way of finding out whether the food we eat can have negative effects on our health, well being and optimal performance as human beings and athletes. Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests are easy and intuitive to use and allow a complete analysis of ingredients and foods which could cause intolerances to you. The tests, which are available in four different packages with increasing levels of accuracy, can be used directly by you in the comfort of your home.

The decision to offer Food Intolerance Tests was a natural consequence of the continuous demand we have been receiving over the last years. While much can be bought on-line many members of the general public in our opinion prefer to walk into a physical building and purchase the package off a human being. At Salus Wellness we sell the full range of Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests and allow the client to decide the follow up procedure being it a referral to one of our practitioners or, for clients interested in a more DIY approach, by contacting directly the Lorisian hotline or researching their own solution.

We decided to partner up with Lorisian because they boast over 30 years’ experience and specialisation in laboratory testing for food specific intolerances. Lorisian can help identify any intolerances and offer advice, where needed, on how you can best optimise your diet and well being by avoiding certain food groups.

The team at Salus Wellness are looking forward to meeting you at the clinic and discussing with you how food intolerance tests can help you change your life for the better.

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