Sue Tetley

Thrive Consultant
Price is £800 for the complete programme

Sue is a Thrive Programme Consultant and also an oncology nurse at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.  Sue is passionate about helping her clients overcome issues such as phobias, anxiety and depression by giving them the skills and self-sight to allow them to help themselves.  Sue also has a special interest in health fears and phobias or those who have a long term medical condition or a new diagnosis.  Through the Thrive Programme, Sue is able to help her clients feel more in control of their lives, develop great coping skills and the ability to overcome unhelpful beliefs and thinking styles that are stopping them enjoying their life.

Sue went through the Thrive Programme herself as a client.  She was so impressed with the positive impact it had on her life, she decided to train to be a Thrive Programme Consultant herself. Having completed an undergraduate and postgraduate psychology degree, Sue recognised much of the research within the programme and liked the applied positive psychology and pragmatic approach.

The Thrive programme is offered as a course, taking approximately 6-8 sessions lasting 1.5 hours. Once the programme is finished, Sue likes to catch up with clients 6 weeks later for a free chat to check on their progress.  However, by this point she does not expect them to need any more sessions.  This is a one off programme.  At the end of the course clients will have all the knowledge and skills they need to overcome their presenting issues and apply it to their everyday life.

Sue applies the principles of the Thrive Programme to her own life, constantly setting herself personal goals and new challenges, be it running a half marathon, completing a long distance bike ride, talking in front of hundreds of young people or running her own business.  Sue firmly believes that it is really important to be ‘Thriving’ herself in order to inspire her clients and give them the belief that they can achieve their goals and dreams as well.

Sue is able to see clients at Salus Wellness in Cambridge as well as the Gainsborough Therapy Rooms in Sudbury or via Skype.

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Tel: 07540 792210

Sue offers the following treatment at Salus Wellness in Cambridge:

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