Natasha Sharpin

Reflexologist and Sport massage therapist
£45 for a one hour treatment.

Natasha is a professional reflexologist specialising in pain reduction and relaxation for people of all ages and gender.  Her passion for helping people along with continuing professional development has enabled her to stay at the top level of her work which contributes to her success and popularity amongst her affectionate clientele.

She mainly focuses her treatments in the areas of Maternity and Fertility, and she works regularly with pregnant women who suffer with the current common conditions:

  1. Sinusitis, headaches and migraines
  2. Constipation
  3. Swollen Ankles
  4. Pelvic pain (SPD – Symphysis pubis dysfunction)

Natasha’s broad knowledge of reflexology combined with her experience enables her to quickly establish a working treatment for your specific needs and implement it within one or a few sessions. She has a particularly good skill of assisting people experiencing physical or emotional pain, often caused by extremely busy and stressful lifestyles. Reflexology can significantly improve relaxation which reduces the causes for stress, anxiety and depression.

Natasha has a number of qualifications in Reflexology and is certified by the world renowned International Institute of Reflexologists (IIR); she is a full member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Association of Reflexologists (AOR). She is also registered with Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) since she started her career.  Doctors will only source therapists from the CNHC.

Contrary to popular belief all reflexology treatments can be equally applied to hands as well as feet. So if you have any particular issues around your feet and them being touched then there is no need to worry.

In addition to Reflexology Natasha is also a certified and experienced professional Sports Therapist, offering Deep Tissue massage. This works as a perfect complement to reflexology in those cases where certain muscles need specific attention.

Please call her today on 07588 600 578 or send her an Email and find out how she can help you enjoy a happier healthier life.

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Natasha offers the following treatments at Salus Wellness in Cambridge:

Deep Tissue Massage Massage Reflexology Sport Massage