Louise Moles

Thrive™ consultant
Price is £800 for the complete programME

Louise practises as a Thrive Programme Consultant, working with clients of all ages who are interested in personal development. She helps them learn to Thrive; to achieve health, happiness and success, beyond recovery from psychological disorders and associated symptoms.

The Thrive Programme evidence-based course teaches a valuable set of new psychological skills to apply to any areas of your life you feel are limited.Louise offers tailored Thrive sessions which are effective in just a matter of weeks for phobias, anxiety, weight management, depression, and any other limiters of mental wellbeing.

Louise has established a speciality with emetophobia (vomit phobia), empowering sufferers to achieve the psycho-educational skill set needed to completely overcome their fear. Through personal experience, Louise believes passionately in the capabilities of the Programme, and continues to personally apply the Thrive core principles. She acts with positive encouragement, projecting honesty and enthusiasm, helping all clients to build essential strong psychological foundations.

If you have experience of previous help for your mental wellbeing, that was unsuccessful, and are motivated to move forward with an entirely new approach, then pull up a chair and Thrive with Louise!

You are most welcome to contact Louise for advice on achieving better emotional wellbeing. You can book a consultation chat about how to get the best from The Thrive Programme, for yourself or for somebody you know.

Please ring Louise on 07507 071088 or Email her louise@thrivewithlouise.co.uk or check her personal website www.thrivewithlouise.co.uk


Louise offers the following treatments at Salus Wellness in Cambridge:

Hypnotherapy Thrive™ Programme