Agnes Osei

Podiatrist and Reflexologist
Range from £17 for each treatment

AgnesOseiAgnes Osei, BSc (Hons) is a professional Podiatrist registered with the Health Care Professions Council, qualified from Brighton University, 2007, and a Reflexologist registered with the Association of Reflexologists, from The Central London College of Reflexology in 2009.

Working from our premises in Cambridge Agnes provides necessary consultancy, advice and management on most foot related conditions including chiropody and foot biomechanical mal-alignment which can cause pain when walking. Some degenerative ailments can be solved with a tailored stretching routine, the use of custom orthosis or insoles or referral to appropriate practitioners.

General Reflexology treatment is offered as well as; Hand Reflexology- which can be beneficial for repetitive straining and general wellbeing, Power Reflexology – a shorter, concentrated session of stress relief and relaxation, and Spinal Reflexology- which aims to focus on the spinal connection with the body for pain relief and improve organ function.

Agnes pursues a holistic approach in her mission to promote general wellbeing through foot-health management, education and safe professional working with both reflexology and podiatry. Her skills, knowledge and advice have transported many people to healthier, more comfortable lives, both privately and within the NHS.

If you’re seeking advice or solutions for foot pains, biomechanical complications or general wellbeing, Agnes is available to help in Cambridge; please contact her directly on her mobile 07828 653083 or drop an email

Agnes offers the following treatments at Salus Wellness in Cambridge:

Podiatry and Chiropody Reflexology