One Year of Successes

Building a business from scratch can be challenging and, at the same time, very rewarding when results are outstanding.  Salus Wellness Clinics celebrated this week its first anniversary; the complementary health centre is now a well established business that fits well in the local community, offering a rich variety of top quality complementary health services to a broad range of members of the public.

“We spotted a gap in the market and then we found this building with amazing potential”

states Luca Senatore (in the picture on the right) sales director and co-founder, who initially planned this venture

“and we knew it  would have been a success given the  innovative approach we had in mind for the clinic”.

The extra value added offered by Salus Wellness is to assist all practitioners with hands-on business coaching, consultancy and training, in areas such as sales, marketing and customer service.

“The majority of practitioners decide to qualify in hypnotherapy, massage or acupuncture because they have a passion for helping people which is very rewarding indeed; many of them do it without any previous experience in running a business and they fail to realise the need of entrepreneurial spirit that is necessary to succeed”

adds Massimo Gaetani (in the picture on the left), marketing director and co-founder. Massimo continues:

“when they start offering their services to the general public, they realise that clients are not queuing outside their door and the phone is not ringing constantly; that’s a normal but de-motivating way of starting”

People who are not used to running small businesses are simply not ready or trained  to deal with the new challenges and many struggle to make a decent living for months or even years.  In many occasions they give up and go back to full time occupation which, now more than ever, is not always an easy thing to do.  Salus Wellness offers, apart from the newly decorated and well maintained therapy rooms and full time reception, a comprehensive range of business development and practice management services for all practitioners working at their premises; this increases the chances for everybody’s success and  creates the win-win-win situation which Salus Wellness is known for.

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