Now it really is up to you…

We are not saying that Salus Wellness Clinics is the best because it belongs to us; it belongs to us because it is the best.

Whilst this could sound rather arrogant, it is the simple truth behind what is said to be the most “practitioner friendly” complementary therapies centre in Cambridge. When I have decided to open Salus Wellness, I have done so with the vision to make it the best alternative health centre in town.

Partnering with Massimo then added to the business immensely and whilst the top marketing knowledge, brand new equipment, full time reception and newly decorated rooms will help you even more to succeed, the central location with nearby parking and the collaboration with large companies interested in using our services are key to the success of our therapists.

So now a practitioner working with us gets amazing premises, 7 rooms with parking and reception, business support, expert marketing advice and the opportunity to be part of a successful team. With this kind of help behind, there really are no more excuses to not succeed; we are giving you all that there is, now it is up to you.

Join Salus Wellness now and be part of a team which will leave you  with no more excuses not to succeed!

Call us now and make of your passion a successful business.

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