Menopause – NO SWEAT!

NatashaSharpinI have been practising reflexology for 8 years now and the people I treat are mainly in pain and people who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.

When Donna told me of her struggle with hot flushes and the struggle she had with sleeping I was keen to help her. I was treating her already for back pain. For a couple of months I advised her to seek outside help from her GP and other experts. She tried all forms of medication, prescribed as well as natural remedies. She had no joy and week to week when she visited me, I could see her mental and emotional health slowly deteriorating. I realised her treatments for back pain were not going to help her, if her body was hormonally imbalanced. She was getting desperate and we needed to act fast.

I hadn’t ever treated anyone going through menopause so it was a learning process for us both. I asked Donna if she was prepared to commit to short daily sessions for a couple of weeks and then take it from there. I know that reflexology works best when it is given daily. She was prepared to do anything and she had complete faith in me, as I did in her and her commitment. We set to work immediately, the next day in-fact.

I contacted my research centre – past teachers and books, and set out a plan. It consisted of an adapted version of what I already do for pregnant women and tailored a way of working especially for Donna. I based each day’s treatment on what I found out from each session and how Donna responded. I also gave her homework to do each time, to which she did with enthusiasm. To my amazement Donna responded much quicker than I would have ever anticipated. She found she was sleeping better and had less flushes, within days.  Instead of seeing her for 15 minutes each and every day, we extended the visits to every few days for 30 minutes and then to once per week for an hour. Now we just see each other every couple of weeks. This is more for relaxation and checking on those hormones.

Donna’s dedication and trust in me, spurred me on to try something new and it paid off with wonderful benefits. Since working with Donna I have treated more women going through the menopause, and together we have achieved amazing results.

Please read below, Donna’s story….


Seven years ago, at the age of 51 I had a total hysterectomy. I started taking HRT for the horrendous menopausal symptoms. After 6 years I finally stopped because the older I got, the higher the apparent risk of a heart attack became. Stopping caused all the night sweats, mood swings and general lethargy to return with a vengeance!

I am a Barber so I work with men (embarrassing) and stand all day. Four hours of sleep was the most I could get most nights. The rest of the time was in that awful semi sleep with disturbing dreams that you can never remember. This combined with the hot flushes and sweats was, I swear sending me slightly bonkers!

I have been seeing Natasha regularly for the past 2 years for my back problems and when she commented on how tired I looked my reply to her was that I was prepared to risk a heart attack and ask to go back on HRT just to feel human again. She obviously gave this some thought and got back to me with the suggestion that Reflexology could help.

We had four 15 minute sessions Monday-Thursday the first week. A break until the Monday to see how I went over the weekend, with some homework to do on an easy to reach part of my foot!! The second week was 3 sessions and 2 on the third. In between I do my homework. I was a little sceptical in the beginning that working on my feet could bring any relief from all the symptoms of Menopause, but I can honestly say that I am now a true convert!!!!! After the very first session I slept for the whole night and could have slept longer if the alarm hadn’t rudely awoken me!

I do still have the occasional hot flush, but the intensity is so much less. I will have “top up” sessions to keep everything going in the right direction and I’ll keep doing the homework even if I find it a pain in the butt sometimes.

My sleep pattern is enormously improved and I find if I wake up for the loo I can go right back to sleep again. I would recommend Reflexology to help with your Menopause problems over and above any prescription drugs.

It has certainly made a huge difference to the way I think and feel. Do try it cos I can honestly say, it really does help. Donna

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