Exercising is the way forward; it benefits your looks, your health, your confidence, your productivity and your mood.

For many however, making it to the gym is a daunting task; thoughts like: “I will go tomorrow”, “I have worked too hard today, I am tired”, “I am way too upset now, I will go next week”, “I really have no time today” seem not only to govern our minds but also to make sense.

We fool ourselves to believe these things although deep inside we know very well that work would be easier if we exercised, we would feel less tired, our mood would improve and therefore events would not bother us so much and we would have more energy and become more productive.

Still we choose to come up with those excuses.

Now stop for a moment and think: When was the last time you felt totally motivated? What was it like to be motivated? Think about it. Did you enjoy the feeling of being totally motivated?

Of course you did. And it can be frustrating to lose motivation and to find yourself procrastinating, can’t it?

We can have all the tools in the world to achieve our goals but when the motivation is missing no goals will ever be achieved.

Holistic therapies and coaching have proven to be the most effective and long lasting motivational therapy both in business and sport. Here at Salus Wellness we recruit practitioners able to take you from a place of procrastination and feeling fatigued to feeling motivated and full of energy.

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