Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is usually referred to just as bulimia and is a psychological eating disorder often related to low self belief and a distorted view of the reality. Bulimia Nervosa was first recognized 1979 and today represents an issue which affects many people, typically the younger generation. Although Bulimia affects both males and females, the latter are approximately 10 times more likely to engage in such behaviour.

Like Anorexia, Bulimia is caused by an overwhelming fear of getting fat and not looking as attractive as one may wish. The real problem is that the person engaged in this behaviour has a highly distorted view of his or her body and of what is attractive.

“Bulimic” people tend to jump from eating excessively (bingeing) and making themselves sick, to using laxatives (purging), in order to maintain a specific chosen weight.

The individual suffering from Bulimia has the belief of not being too thin and of being in complete control. This distorted view of the reality is not an act on behalf of the individual, nor is it a way of convincing themselves. The person suffering from Bulimia is already convinced that these beliefs are facts and that other people simply do not see it.

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