Interview with James Woodworth

JamesWoodworthJames, what is your specialisation and how long have you been practising?

I’m a Thrive Consultant. The Thrive Programme is a psychological training programme, so I work with clients who have psychological and emotional issues. I’ve been a qualified Thrive consultant since September 2013. I’ve been working in the self-help, wellbeing industry for about 10-15 years in various forms.

When did you start working at Salus Wellness and what influenced your decision to work here?

I started working here since August 2014 and my decision to work at Salus Wellness was based on the fact that I was going to do this as a full-time job. I had been a teacher at a further education college and I wanted to leave the teaching profession to do what I’m doing now full-time. I started to look at clinics where I could rent a room and Salus Wellness offered me what I was looking for. In terms of location, prices and facilities, it seemed like the right place for me.

I live in Cambridge and I remember seeing the outside of the clinic, a good few years ago and thought whether perhaps I would work there one day. I looked at the website and knew the kind of practitioners who worked at here. One of the defining issues is that on the Salus website there is a call for practitioners to join which I found particularly welcoming.

How many clients do you see in an average week?

At the moment I have 6 clients who I see at the clinic throughout the week.

What is your general view of the facilities offered by Salus Wellness?

The 3 talk therapy rooms are good and all things considered I’m very pleased with it.

How did the help received from Salus Wellness help in terms of running your business,sales and marketing help to develop your business?

This has been extremely beneficial and very, very useful because Massimo is a marketer and runs regular free workshops on social media training and marketing that we can all attend has been absolutely critical. Also, help with website design, posters and fliers is all part of it. So the whole ethos here at Salus Wellness is all about being successful in your business and not just being good at what you do with clients. You have to be good at running a business otherwise you wouldn’t have clients.

Salus Wellness is much more than just a clinic where practitioners rent space. The support provided is unique and invaluable for all who work here.

What are your future plans at the clinic?

I’d like to stay at the clinic for the foreseeable future and intend to keep working at my marketing.

Would you recommend Salus Wellness to other practitioners?

Yes I would recommend Salus Wellness to other practitioners.

What advice would you give to new practitioners?

You need to be absolutely focused on the marketing and well informed about good website design and use of social media.

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