Give Yourself a Quick Ear Massage!

By working on the reflex areas of your ears you can quickly generate and experience a healthy glow to your face, warming you during these cold winter days.  There are actually 58 pressure points in each ear.   Working on the ear will help to alleviate sinus congestion, increase the metabolic process and stimulate the lymphatic flow.  The blood circulation to your face will be improved and so will your mental alertness.

Simply start at the top of your ear by pinching your ear lobe firmly between your thumb and index finger. Pull your ear up and outwards.  This is most effective if you pull very firmly and hold for the count of 10.  Move down your ear, using this technique and finish on your ear lobe.  Then do the same on the other ear. If you don’t feel the gentle glow of heat arriving, then repeat process again.  The effect of this treatment is both stimulating and calming.

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