Counselling for Anxiety

Call 01223 300222 to seek confidential help and advice on anxiety.

Interested?Arrange an appointment with one of our highly experienced counsellors at our Cambridge clinic. Are you feeling anxious? Are you struggling with any emotional or psychological distress that is stopping you living a happy and fulfilling life?

iStock_000012028439MediumThe good news is that our counsellors use years of experience and evidence based practice to help achieve the best possible outcome for you. Counselling therapies and techniques used are:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing(EMDR)
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

How would it feel to bring about the changes you so desire in your life?

Can Counselling help me with my problems?

Counselling can help you if you suffer mild to acute anxiety, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience for a free and confidential phone consultation.