Bernitta Willoughby joins Salus Wellness

We are pleased to announce that Bernitta Willoughby, a GOsC registered Osteopath based in Cambridge, has joined Salus Wellness, the complementary health centre located in the hearth of Cambridge city.

Bernitta is a passionate GOsC and BOA registered Osteopath, who gained a Master’s of Osteopathy Degree from the reputable European school of Osteopathy. After being inspired by the professions’ ability to significantly help with numerous everyday pains without the use of drug therapy, the career choice was an easy one.

Although specializing in paediatric and maternity Osteopathy, Bernitta enjoys treating patients of all ages and abilities. Focusing on the needs of the patients and tailoring treatments appropriate to each complaint.

Osteopathy is a primary healthcare system which is becoming more and more well-known and accepted within the medical profession.

Osteopathic treatments use a range of techniques to improve mobility in the spine, joints and muscles. Bernitta often uses articulation, soft tissue methods, manipulation, inhibition and Cranial Osteopathy as part of a treatment specific to each patient.

When treating babies and young children, Bernitta prefers to use gentle cranial and articulation techniques to help with common issues this age group experiences such as sleeping disturbances, general irritability and birth ‘trauma’.

Since qualifying Bernitta constantly is developing her knowledge and skills within the profession, also using medical acupuncture to complement her osteopathic treatment of adults, particularly with common problems involving high muscular tension.

Bernitta commented:

“Becoming a part of Salus Wellnes is something I am very much looking forward to, especially working alongside another passionate Osteopath and other committed healthcare practitioners within this vibrant clinic situated in the upbeat city of Cambridge”


Interview with Joseph Robinson

Having just celebrated a year of activity we decided to start a series of interviews to publicly ask to our practitioners what they think about working at Salus Wellness.

Joseph, what is your specialisation and how long have you been practicing?

I am an Osteopath specialising in treatment and management of chronic pain. As a keen sportsman I also hold a special interest in treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and athletic development. I have been practicing now for 1 year.

When did you start working at Salus Wellness and what influenced your decision to work here?

I started practicing at Salus Wellness Clinics as my second practice in October 2010. At the time I had been looking to set up a second practice for a couple of weeks and had several potential sites. I chose to move forward with Salus Wellness as it offered all I wanted in terms of city centre location with good footfall and still plenty of close by parking available throughout the day, great facilities and the right professional and welcoming working atmosphere that is so important in my profession and to the Cambridge ProCare brand.

How many clients do you see in an average week?

I practice at Salus Wellness 3 days a week seeing on average 10 patients a day with peak numbers of up to 18 patients in a day.

What is your general view of the facilities offered by Salus Wellness?

Salus Wellness has achieved a high standard of facilities throughout, creating a naturally welcoming atmosphere without losing any sense of professionalism and clinical cleanliness.

How did the help received from Salus Wellness in terms of running your business, sales, and marketing helped to develop your business?

It is impossible to be a master of all things, having the business expertise and hands on assistance of the Salus Wellness management team has been vital in the success I have enjoyed in my first year at Salus Wellness and further more into the success of Cambridge ProCare Osteopathy’s development as a brand across both its clinics. The support of having the Salus Wellness team behind me has meant I have been able to focus more attention onto developing myself as a skilled and professional practitioner whilst still learning a tremendous amount of applied business skills from the highly experienced individuals that make up the Salus Wellness management team.

What are your future plans at the clinic?

As Cambridge ProCare Osteopathy’s central Cambridge clinic Salus Wellness is going to a focal point of growth for the company over the coming years, I hope to regularly increase practitioner hours at Salus Wellness as our client base demand grows.

Would you recommend Salus Wellness to other practitioners?


What advice would you give to new practitioners?

Salus Wellness can provide the perfect setting and all the tools a practitioner needs to grow their business but it is, ultimately, up to the individual to use those tools to manufacture their own success in business.

For private healthcare businesses in today’s economic climate success and growth are there for those who actively strive for it, there is no such this as standing still, biding time. If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards.

Joseph Robinson Joins Salus Wellness

We are pleased to announce that Joseph Robinson DO BSc (Hons) Ost. , an Osteopath based in Cambridgeshire, has joined Salus Wellness, the complementary health centre which recently opened in Cambridge.

Joseph specialises in chronic pain and sports osteopathy. A primary healthcare for all ages Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Osteopathy treats the structural and functional mechanics of the body i.e. the muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves thus relieving pain, discomfort and immobility. Osteopathy seeks to find and treat the root cause of the injury. Invariably we find that a problem or previous injury elsewhere is predisposing a current injury, for example, a knee or ankle injury can cause low back pain as the body compensates for these problems through the spine.

Osteopaths use hands-on techniques to manipulate and improve blood and nerve supply thus allowing the repair of damaged tissues and eliminating pain. Osteopaths use a wide range of orthopaedic tests and hands on palpation to diagnose musculo-skeletal injuries. Following an in depth case history to get an understanding of the problem at hand, the osteopath will examine the patient using the tests mentioned above and at each step of the way relate to the patient what they are assessing. Once a diagnosis has been formed the osteopath will explain to the patient what injury has happened, how it happened and how they intend to treat it.

Osteopathic treatment uses a wide range of soft tissue techniques as well as joint mobilisation, manipulation, exercises and postural advice to help relieve the following and more:

Joseph commented:

“Salus Wellness Clinics is unique to Cambridge in that it provides vast range of complementary health practitioners each specialized experts in their individual fields, all in one modern clinic setting with brand new state of the art equipment.”