The skewed reality about reviews and feedbacks on Google, Facebook and Groupon

Words of mouth are the best form of marketing; many people are fully relying on the opinion of their friends and relatives in order choose a product or service, or when deciding whether to work with one person or not.  Ebay was probably the first internet based service which added reviews to score how good its members are and helping us decide whether we would like to buy from them.  Within a few years many online services and Ecommerce websites, like Amazon, have added the opportunity of writing reviews about products, services, packaging, delivery, return policies and so on.

There is however an interesting reality, which at Salus Wellness we noticed from reviews we received on Groupon, Google and Facebook.  The majority of people who are happy about the service they receive, whether moderately, substantially or very happy will just assume, in most cases, that it’s ok to say nothing.  The people who go out of their way to write something are:

  • the few who are not getting what they expect and need to shout it to the world their disappointment, often unjustified;
  • those people who received a treatment which was way beyond their expectations in terms of results, customer service and so on.

One of my associates made me notice this from Amazon.  A large number of book reviews has a number of 5 stars from people who loved it and quite a few 1 stars from people who hate it, but very few 2, 3 and 4 stars.  Once more the super happy or super unhappy want the world to know, the others seem to care less.

Considering we see several hundreds of clients per month it seems nearly odd the fact that we literally have a handful of reviews (all positive) on Google and Facebook.  Perhaps we are not asking hard enough and therefore people don’t feel the need to feedback their impressions; we actually really appreciate when people leave a feedback but, given the nature of our business, we prefer to leave it to their discretion.  The other example which is important for us is the feedbacks and reviews we get from Groupon clients; out of over 2000 treatments we delivered via Groupon within 3 years we just have a total of 33 feedbacks, 20 positive and 13 negative.  The negative ones are a mix of people who got disappointed about our booking system and the fact that parking is just on the road and other various reasons, nobody but 1 complained about its treatment.

Feedbacks and reviews are important and have their place in indicating how good a product or service can be.  Before taking an important decision purely based on feedback or the positive/negative scores I make sure investigate how genuine each review is.

Fabienne Bertschi joins Salus Wellness

We are very pleased to announce that Fabienne Bertschi has joined Salus Wellness in Cambridge this month.

Fabienne is licensed Sports Therapist and registered with the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO) in the UK,

helping you to treat the cause and relieve the symptoms of a range of conditions, including back pain, joint pains, sports injuries and tensions and much more

The team here at Salus Wellness are looking forward to working with  Fabienne to support her in growing her client base in Cambridge.

Visit her profile by clicking here.

Katie Parker joins Salus Wellness

We are very pleased to announce that Katie Parker has joined Salus Wellness in Cambridge this month.

Katie  is a fully qualified Integrative Arts Psychotherapist. She studied for her MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy for four years at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London.

The team here at Salus Wellness are looking forward to working with Katie to support her in growing her client base in Cambridge.

Visit her profile by clicking here.

Interview with Olga Fuentes

OlgaOlga, what is your specialisation and how long have you been practising?

I am a counsellor, a graduate psychologist and an adult education tutor (teaching counselling at diploma level). I have been practising as a counsellor for 3 years.

When did you start working at Salus Wellness and what influenced your decision to work here?

I first contacted Massimo Gaetani, Director of Salus Wellness, to enquire about hiring rooms at the clinic by the end of November 2013 and arranged a meeting with him a few days later which proved to be a successful one as I joined Salus Wellness December 2013.

My decision to work at Salus Wellness was influenced by the location, the good condition of the rooms and the way Massimo runs the clinic: offering free workshops, gatherings to meet and greet, the possibility of booking rooms on an ad-hoc basis to help new practitioners and his invaluable experience in ‘how to run successfully your own business’.

How many clients do you see in an average week?

It depends on the time of year, really. I had a couple of very quiet months at the beginning of this year (preceded by a very busy autumn at the clinic) but at present I’m managing 12 cases and having a waiting list which includes a couple of people who I would be starting with in September (after the holiday break). I am working with two couples, two children and 8 adults, some of them I meet every other week due to staggering ending processes and their own limited time available.

What is your general view of the facilities offered by Salus WEllness?

My general view of the facilities offered by Salus Wellness is a very positive one. I believe, based on research conducted before joining the clinic, that the facilities offered by Salus Wellness are unique and exceed my own expectations.

How did the help received from Salus Wellness in terms of running your business, sales and marketing help to develop your business?

The help received from Salus Wellness has been the key to the success of my practice as I am a counsellor, not a businesswoman! I attended all the workshops I could while still not having a single client and I learnt everything from them. Massimo facilitated the process of having a professional website and business cards as I totally trusted his advice.

What are your future plans at the Clinic?

I am hoping to continue using the clinic and growing my business in the future once I have some more time available (currently at last year of MA in Relationship Therapy).

Would you recommend Salus Wellness to other practitioners?

Yes, by all means. I have already recommended it to other practitioners and I will continue to do so.

What advice would you give to new practitioners?

The advice I would give them is to be patient, to have clear views on what they want to achieve, to attend all workshops offered, to talk openly and honestly to Massimo about their hopes and listen to his advice, to believe in their own potential and in what they can offer, to value themselves and their job.