Our latest Groupon Campaign – the game for massage hunters

Groupon is a great marketing tool, particularly to market new products and services, which has been around several years. At Salus Wellness we have been working with them since 2011, a few months after we opened.  Groupon is great to generate business which would not usually get attracted to our company, simply by offering deals which are heavily discounted compared to the original price for the services being offered.  We usually run a campaign when we have a few massage therapists which need to get established in Cambridge and are prepared to work for it.  By partnering up 4 or more practitioners it’s relatively easy to handle many new clients while taking care of the existing ones.

Thanks to a Groupon campaign we can easily sell several hundreds treatment within a few months. Like many other business we use Groupon to attract people which would not usually visit our clinic without a financial incentive. We offer, at super discounted rate, the same level of service and quality we would offer at full price, with the aim of converting Groupon clients into full paying ones.  In our experience we can group clients we get via Groupon into three categories:

  1. Bargain hunters; these are people who are waiting for the next offer to get a cheap massage and will never buy a massage at full price, often because they cannot afford it. They are usually the ones with the highest expectations in terms of customer service and reaction time, and historically they are virtually impossible to convert into regular clients.
  2. Best practitioners’ hunters; these are people using Groupon to try a few new practitioners with the aim of finding a professional who will become their regular practitioner. They are easy to convert for the practitioners who offer the right massage and customer service.
  3. Gift hunters; many people buy a voucher for a loved one as a gift. In this case the person using the voucher is different from who bought it so conversion is random.

Whatever kind of massage hunter you are, we are here to help and looking forward to meeting you at our next Groupon campaign.

Japanese Head and Facial Acupressure Massage

I have been practising Japanese Head and Facial Acupressure Massage for over 10 years.

This rejuvenating massage treatment may provide a natural face-lift and anti-aging treatment which works by freeing up contractions within the facial muscles and connective tissues. It is a combination of gentle massage for the face, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and energy balancing.

People come to see me with various reasons:

  • headache
  • tired eyes
  • insomnia
  • stress and tension
  • …or just wants to have a rejuvenating effect…

The majority of my clients enjoy the benefits of this treatment from their very first session.

One of my regular clients, in her mid 30’s, she has to show her ID to buy alcohols after she started having regular facial acupressure massage from me.

If you ever wanted to experience the benefits and relief of a facial acupressure massage please get in touch and arrange an appointment with me.

Luca Mangiola joins Salus Wellness

lucamangiolaWe are very pleased to announce that Luca  Mangiola has joined Salus Wellness in Cambridge this month.

Luca has worked in the fitness sector for a long time, after graduating as a sports therapist in 2006. He went on to gain further experience in sports massage therapy with a specialty in Rehabilitation.

The team here at Salus Wellness are looking forward to working with Luca to support him in growing his client base in Cambridge. Luca is another great addition to our already extensive list of professional therapists.

Visit his profile by clicking here

Ar Vartic joins Salus Wellness

arWe are very pleased to announce that Ar (pronunciation “R”) Vartic has joined Salus Wellness in Cambridge this month.

Ar is a fully accredited body massage therapist with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). She specialises in body massage with particular attention to stiffness, aches, pains and tension.

The team here at Salus Wellness are looking forward to working with Ar to support her in growing her client base in Cambridge. Ar is another great addition to our already extensive list of professional therapists.

Visit her profile by checking here.