Delays in reaction for marketing actions and campaigns

Massimo GaetaniI was having a conversation with a therapist a few days ago and I was explaining to him various marketing techniques he could use to attract new clients.  The surprise came when he replied to my question about when to start as he essentially said that he is now “kind of ok in terms of clients” and will start some marketing actions in the New Year when he will need new clients.

At that point I realised that while it is obvious for me that to any (decision about) action there is a delay in reaction which is definitely not obvious for many.  Let’s see what the delays are which will be incurred when you decide to start a marketing campaign:

  • Development delays: anything that needs to be designed and developed, from a new leaflet or website, will take days, weeks or even months to be ready, checked, printed or published.  This is depending on what is already there, or not there, in this case.  Even a simple variation to an existing page or piece of marketing will take some time.
  • Deployment delays: as soon as the brochure is ready or the website is published it’s not going to happen that, similarly to the next episode of Harry Potter, all prospects are there waiting for it and to book appointments with you.
  • Reaction delays: yes perhaps some people see your new website or advertisement and ring you straight away, most of them will have to see it quite a few times and think about it. By this token when everything is in place and ready to go it will take a while before things are really going at the speed or intensity you expect.

Best suggestion for all people with little or no knowledge of marketing out there is to start today, now, and keep doing something every day.  You can be absolutely sure that there will be delays and things will not happen exactly when you expect but after some time everything will be in place and you will have your own marketing machine working for you.

We love our happy customers

NaomiAt Salus Wellness Clinics, we see many fabulous clients and over time build great and lasting relationships with them.

Today, a client came in for a massage treatment and afterwards proceeded to tell us his story of how he’d come to the clinic.

One morning, he decided to Google massage and came across Salus Wellness Clinics. He wanted a local and central regular place to go as his previous massage therapist was no longer available. He decided that he would definitely act on this and book a massage when he got around to it.

That very same evening, an envelope was delivered to his door and on opening it he could not believe his eyes. There in his hands were two Salus Wellness vouchers for massage which he had won in a charity raffle prize draw which we sponsored earlier this year.

We always appreciate feedback from our clients, particularly when it comes straight after a treatment received at the clinic. The client said that not only had he booked his second treatment straightaway, but that he would definitely be coming back for regular treatments and recommending the clinic to friends and family.

In life things happen for a reason and we loved this story. The benefits of massage are well-documented, so go on book a massage and tell us your story.

Offering treatments in foreign languages

FlagsAtSalusCambridge is a very international place and foreigners are representing a considerable percentage of the total population. Being myself one of them and having started a number of businesses over the years it comes quite natural to me to be doing business with foreigners in various professional and entrepreneurial positions.

It was not until last week when one of my colleagues was asked specifically for the details of our Turkish speaking counsellor when the penny dropped and I realised the extra advantage we offer at Salus Wellness. By having native speakers in many different languages, currently 16, our clinic can offer therapy and consultations in English as well as in a variety of other languages. This comes in handy when we are asked to work with tourists or people who recently immigrated to the UK. Although many of the foreigners being treated at Salus Wellness do actually speak good English, many of them feel more comfortable discussing their issues, particularly if mental health related ones, in their native language.

Here is the list of languages currently spoken at Salus Wellness, in alphabetical order: Croatian, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish. So if English is not your first language we might be able to offer a therapy in your own language which can be an extra l help for you.

Using Facebook Pay Per Click adverts in Private Practice

facebook logo, copy right Facebook Inc.Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts have become for many companies the holy grail of advertising as they offer a clear and reliable way to publish specific adverts to a targeted audience and the Return on Investment (ROI) can be measured very accurately.  PPC are those adverts you can see every time you are either doing a search on your favourite Search Engine or when you are scrolling your Facebook feed and you see entries which have the word “sponsored” on top.  Somebody is paying money when you click on that advert and, usually, these adverts have been thought of with you in mind, depending on your gender, age, habits, interest, religion or whatever other parameters which might be accessible to the platform in question.

I will concentrate this post just on Facebook adverts which are offering indeed a powerful environment to deliver targeted advertisements to your potential clients.  I would also add that I will discuss adverts which bring traffic to a landing page on your website; this is a very specific use of Facebook PPC and they are just one of the several possibilities offered by their advertisement manager.

First of all it’s important to stay away from generic adverts which promote you or your brand as a whole and land on your home page; they will be a waste of time and money.  Let us suppose you are a massage therapist wanting to promote a remedial massage to middle-aged female clientele?  Or perhaps an acupuncturist promoting fertility treatments to women aged between 25 and 50? These are a good start.

In order for an advert to work and convert (e.g. get people to book appointments) you need to make the whole chain of events, between the moment the advert is shown and when the client has completed the booking, as intuitive and easy as possible.  Any discontinuity in this chain of events and people will either ignore the advert or click (that’s when it costs you) to go to the next step and then give up midway and you end up paying money without getting the booking.

Here are the three key elements:

  1. A well designed advertwhich has a nice and meaningful picture together with the right copy: copy in jargon is the text within an advert or other marketing message. In the case of an advert for a remedial massage you could think about the usual “Problem? Try my solution!” formula.  Which could be indicated as “Experiencing muscle pain? Try my remedial massage”
  2. An equally well designed landing page which reinforces the message above and has a clear and simple way of booking the treatment
  3. A super simple booking system which is working 24/7, ideally an automated calendar system which can confirm the booking then and there; a phone number could be ok for some people; however in a 24/7 society when an increasing number of people are effectively doing everything with their mobile phones at any time of the day and night they will not wait for a call back and simply give it up.

This way of working has been in place for several years and many businesses have made millions by advertising on Facebook; in fact several other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and various others have in place build advertising mechanisms which all work in a similar way.  I do appreciate there are many among you reading this who will find it difficult or a bit overwhelming. This is normal as it’s not what a practitioner in complementary health should be spending his or her time on.  Everybody serious about their business should be thinking about their marketing strategy but that doesn’t mean they have to do everything themselves.  If you need any help with your social medial and digital marketing please have a look around you and make sure you employ someone who is a true expert in this field rather than another cowboy.