Agnes Osei joins Salus Wellness

AgnesOseiWe are very pleased to announce that Agnes Osei has joined Salus Wellness this month. Agnes is a highly passionate and experienced Podiatrist and Reflexologist working on most foot related issues such as chiropody including including verrucae, ingrowing toenails, thick / fungal nails, corn, calluses, biomechanical alignment conditions which can cause pain to the lower limb on walking and offers advice or solutions such as stretching or use of custom orthosis or insoles. She also offers General Reflexology, Power Reflexology – a shorter session concentrating on stress relief and relaxation and Spinal Reflexology which aims to address pain relief within the Spinal Column..

The team here at Salus Wellness are looking forward to working with Agnes in further expanding her successful client base in Cambridge; Agnes is a great addition to our already extensive list of professional therapists.

Visit her profile by checking here.

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