A short trip around the solar system

Massimo GaetaniWhen starting a business you find yourself taking important decisions like the name and general image you would like for your business and other little but important details like the colours of logo and the design of the website.  With a business like a clinic, open to the general public, it is essential to have a clear naming scheme for each room to avoid any misunderstanding.   We could have decided to call them A, B, C, etc… or assign to them an increasing number but here is how it went.

When in 2010 we first visited the building where Salus Wellness is now located we had a look at all available nine rooms and the immediate association I made was with the planets in our solar system, or at least as many as they were when I was at school.  In fact Pluto was declassified as a planet back in 2006 and the total number of planets in the solar system in now eight but, one of the rooms became the management office so we decided to keep the association to the solar system and name the remaining rooms after planets’ names.

Deciding which planet name to assign to each room was a relatively easy job by using the planet’s size in proportion to the room size.  The two smaller rooms that we use for talking therapies like counselling, NLP, CBT, coaching or hypnotherapy are called Mercury and Venus.  EarthRTwo medium sized rooms are called Earth (in the picture on the right), which is also on the ground floor, and Mars; the former is a cosy room with wheelchair access and adjustable couch where we offer a variety of therapies, from reiki to acupuncture and a broad range of massage therapies.  The latter is called Mars, which is situated directly above Earth and it is the most clinical of the lot: in Mars we offer colonic hydrotherapy and podiatry.  We then have the three biggest therapy rooms, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which are spacious and with electrically adjustable couches.  From these rooms we offer most of the physical therapies available as well as certain workouts like yoga and pilates.

Considering that since the beginning nobody chose Uranus as their room of choice we decided to rename that room as the upstairs office that we let to freelance developers and designers.

Given the number of compliments we have been receiving over the years I could say that naming our therapy rooms after planet was a simple, intuitive and a bit geeky idea but, hey, we are in Cambridge after all.

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